Android 7.0 (Nougat) Apps using 'Quick Settings'

Quick Settings is a new feature of Android Luke. When you lower the top status bar, you can make various settings by editing the order of users or by developing features that were never available. As soon as the Android Who is released, there is a series of apps that have the ability to work with quick settings. Here are some quick setting apps that you can use.

You can write notes or tasks quickly. After installing the app, a tile with the corresponding function appears in the Quick Settings Edit menu, allowing you to quickly move to the desired location and then perform the task. When you press a tile, a notification appears and you can write a simple note and press the button to display a list of apps to share.

You can perform calculations through notifications without opening the app in particular. Once you install the app, it will automatically appear in Quick Settings and you can edit it in sequence and move it to the desired location and run it quickly.

In addition to the default settings menu, you can customize the desired action. For example, you can add a variety of actions, such as launching an app or opening a webpage. Icons and text can also be set manually.

As the quick setting function can be developed by third party apps, there will be apps that will perform various functions in the future. I wonder if there is another feature that is appealing enough to be able to quickly set up and run through the top bar on any screen. I look forward to seeing what apps will come up with great ideas in the future.


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